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DJ Wayne Noel Ruby Skye San FranciscoWayne began his fascination with DJing & MCing as an enthusiastic youth with two boom boxes, cassette mixtapes and a love for music.  After graduating from high school and completing a term in the Air Force, DJ Wayne Noel, El Squid Roe, Cabo San Lucas MexicoWayne took his love for music to college where he received a B.A. in Film & Audio Production, and went on to become a certified Audio Recording Engineer.

Now a professional full-time DJ for more than 12 years, his career has brought him to many amazing locations & events in California, Hawaii and abroad, like opening up for the B-52's, to block parties spanning an entire city block of San Francisco.

DJ Wayne Noel San Francisco DJWayne excels at creating amazing dance parties with heavy beat mixing and harmonic transitions(utilizing the key/chord structure of the incoming & outgoing songs). 

He has a vast knowledge of music and a knack for reading crowds to decide what to play next.  As an open format DJ, Wayne can DJ Wayne Noel Turntablesincorporate many different styles of music into his dance parties.

If he is throwing a party of his own it often involves 6 main styles of music: EDM (Electronic), Reggae, Funk, Soul, Latin and Old School Hip Hop. But whatever the type of music he is playing, Wayne believes that people are energy, and he uses music to bring an inner peace to people and an overall feeling of alive-ness…

Sometimes Wayne DJ's only pre-recorded artists, but he often includes DJ Wayne 5 Five points Brooklyn a live component as well where he creates live remixes, mashups, and even original creations with hardware/software combinations like "Ableton with Push" & "Serato with Turntables".

DJ Wayne Noel Kunde WineryFor those following a generic "cookie-cutter" recipe, where they want everything to be "perfect" -and are simply looking for a "Vendor" they don't need to talk to or connect with, Wayne is not the right DJ for them.

Wayne believes that every event is unique and uses his adaptability to create parties that represent the mood, feeling and natural vibration of the people & places involved. He loves each and every one of his clients, and thrives on making meaningful connections & organic events, even if just for one perfection free day that flows seamlessly from one thing to the next.

Wayne is sometimes asked, "What makes you better than other DJ's?"-or- "Why should I hire you, instead of someone else?" -and the answer is because you want someone who's professional life is guided by integrity, authenticity, connecting with people, and a humble confidence in his DJ & MC abilities, thoughtful in making sure the music creates the organic & flowing atmosphere that just feels right.

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