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DJ Wayne Noel Ruby Skye San Francisco DJ Wayne Noel, El Squid Roe, Cabo San Lucas Mexico DJ Wayne Noel Turntables

Wayne started his DJ & MC career as an enthusiastic youth with two boom boxes and a love for music.  Now, a professional DJ of almost 15 years, Wayne took this love of music to college where he received a B.A. in Film & Audio Production and went on to become a certified Audio Recording Engineer. His career has brought him to many amazing locations & events in California, Hawaii and abroad, like opening up for the B-52's, to block parties spanning an entire city block of San Francisco.

DJ Wayne Noel San Francisco DJ DJ Wayne Noel Kunde Winery DJ Wayne 5 Five points Brooklyn  

Wayne excels at creating great dance parties with heavy beat mixing and harmonic transitions (utilizing the key/chord structure of the incoming & outgoing songs).  He has a vast knowledge of music and a knack for reading rooms to decide what to play next.  His professional life is guided by integrity, authenticity, and a humble confidence in his DJ & MC abilities, thoughtful in making sure the music creates the flowing & motivating vibe you want at your event.

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DJ Wayne Noel Sample Mixes

These mixes do not represent a music "program" that would be played at your event, but rather a small sample of the diversity we can provide. YOUR PREFERENCES are what drive the music and we work with you to keep your event sounding the way you want it to.

Many of these demos contain short clips of songs, quickly mixed into the next song. This is done to give you a way to check out our DJ styles, while not making you listen to a 30 minute mix:) Rest assured, at most events we usually play all the good parts of a song before mixing into the next song.